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A Beanpop How-To Guide

So, you want some beautiful and high quality diapers. You’re in the right place! Now, it’s time to customize them to fit your baby’s needs (as well as yours). Read this entire document for information on all things Beanpop, as well as cloth diapering lingo and acronyms and basic explanations. At the end of the how-to rundown, you’ll find a link to the Group Member Agreement and Rules, which will make more sense if you read after you’re familiar with this document.

Here’s the basic way Beanpop works. Diapering items are crafted by Karen from custom “Mini-group” events, from “Send-Your-Own-Fabric” (i.e. SYOF) custom orders, and sold at “Ready-to-ship” (i.e. RTS) stocking events via


People (this means you!) find fabrics they love and want to see made into a diaper. If there’s a question about the type of fabric and how functional it would be as a diaper, gather ALL fabric details (links to the source are even better) and email for confirmation. Once the fabric is chosen, a clear image, preferably one that shows the design scale in inches/cm is posted on the group wall and the poster (who will now be the Group Leader) includes fabric description, dimensions, price per yard (i.e. “ppy”) and whether or not the fabric is a pre-order and how much is available to purchase. People interested will “count off” by numbering their comments and claiming a “spot” until the count gets to 10 items, including clothing and diapers, which is the minimum requirement for a fabric to be run as a “mini-group” event. After ten items are accounted for, the original poster will contact customer service via email and include a link to the post (referred to as the “original interest post”).

Admin will create a Facebook event and invite all members. The original poster will become the “Group Leader.” Members will sign up by joining the event and signing up via a sign-up form posted inside the event. Sign-ups for items, especially limited clothing items, are first-come first-served unless previously noted. When a set amount of time has passed, time determined by fabric ordering deadlines, sign-up response time or needs of the Group Leader, the Group Leader will post a “Last Call” post reminder in the event (typically 24-48 hours prior to closing the event). When the cutoff has passed, the Group Leader will use the Fabric Yield by Item document to calculate yardage needed and fabric totals per group member. An admin will look over calculations AFTER the group leader has at least attempted calculating it (email Customer Service for assistance with this when you are ready). The Group Leader will then post the total fabric payments due per group member in the EVENT and TAG each participant. TIP: Facebook does have a mind of its own, so occasionally participants won’t receive notification of a tag. If you are participating in a mini-group, CHECK THE EVENT on a regular basis until fabric payments are paid. This way you won’t miss an update. Fabric payments will be due according to the instructions of the group leader, most often within 48-72 hours of notification. To pay for your fabric, send the noted amount of money as “gift” or “friends/family” through PayPal to the email address listed by the group leader. This will ensure that the leader isn’t hit with PayPal fees and has enough money to pay for the fabric.

When the fabric is ordered, the group leader will fill out a Closed Group Form and change the event name to include “Closed – Fabric Ordered” in the title. Soon after the fabric arrives at Beanpop, it will be assigned to an “Invoicing batch” and dates of that batch will be posted in the event title. Timeline between fabric arriving at Beanpop and beginning of the invoicing period fluctuates depending on the number of mini-groups currently in process ahead of any particular group. At any point, anyone can look at the Closed Group Form Responses (or if you submitted the Closed Group Form prior to 7/13/15 check here) to see what the dates are for assigned batches and determine how many groups have not been assigned to a “batch” and estimate time frame from there. The key to keeping up with the status of a mini-group is to check the title of the event. It will change when the status changes and, most importantly, will notify you of the invoicing period, the date range between which you can order your items from the

During an invoicing period, all items in the mini-groups assigned to the current batch will be listed on and available to purchase. This is when you will be able to determine the type of diaper (bamboo fitted, windpro hybrid, hidden PUL), the size (newborn, petite, one-size), the inner layer (cotton velour, bamboo velour), and the finish (serged, turned, comfort serged, ruffle turned) of your choice. See the photo album Diaper Styles and Clothing Styles to help give you a visual and/or the Diaper Options info if you’re not sure what your baby needs in a diaper. “Batch orders” placed via will ship to customers between 8 and 12 weeks from the END of invoicing.

SYOF Custom Orders

Want a unique, one-of-a-kind diaper? Have a favorite fabric or theme and need diapering items to match? Seen a picture of a Beanpop from a previously-run group and have to have one? Send-your-own-fabric custom orders may be just what you’re looking for. Use the Fabric Yield by Item to determine how much fabric you’ll need to purchase for the items you want. Periodically, Karen will list custom spots for sale for any number of items, which will be previously determined before they are listed on the website in what we call a “stocking.” SYOF orders will ship to customers between 8 and 12 weeks after order is placed. Karen will let members of the group and fans of the business page know when the stocking will take place. Purchase items from and write in the order notes any snap color and/or thread specifications you have as well as any specific placement of fabric design for your items. Also include a description of your fabric with your order. Be as detailed as possible. Order Note Example: Woven cotton unicorn fabric with blue background. I want yellow snaps and rainbow serging. I want the unicorn and rainbow centered on the bum of the diaper.

If you have not purchased your fabric at time of ordering your custom items, remember you MUST send an email to with the description of your fabric, a photo of your fabric, any specifications to your order, and reference the order number. All fabric for custom orders should be prewashed in HOT water and dried on HIGH prior to sending in to Beanpop. Send your fabric to:


7301 North Mahr Court

Spokane, WA 99208

and include with your fabric (attached to the fabric or in a plastic bag with the fabric) this SYOF Form. Save a copy and print out however many you need for the spots you purchase!

Once you’ve placed an order for your mini-group items or SYOF customs via you can keep up with the status of the batch your items are in by checking out “Where’s my Fluff?”

The date you place your order will indicate which batch it will be in. The dates that batches invoiced are listed so compare your order date in your Beanpop account with those dates and your order number and you'll know when to expect your items.

Now that you can see the basic layout of how Beanpop operates, please read and agree to the Group Member Agreement and Rules. Edits and additions to these rules will be posted on the group wall and communicated to group members and then added to the link above.

Helpful Information/Links:

Item Cost Document 

Closed Group Form

Closed Group Form Responses PRIOR TO 7/13/15

Closed Group Form Responses AFTER 7/13/15

Where’s My Fluff?

Blank Spreadsheet to keep up with your Beanpops (please make a copy and then add your own info)

How to Find Your Customer ID

Karen's Working Hours:

Monday - 10am to 6pm

Tuesday - 5pm to 1am

Wednesday - 5pm to 1am

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Sunday - OFF

Confused about the different diaper types? New to cloth diapering? Have questions? Ask! There are plenty of other cloth moms it the Beanpop Marketplace on Facebook that would love to answer your questions. Or you can always email for anything!

***Once you have read this and the Group Member Agreement and Rules please fill out this form BEFORE participating in any Beanpop Mini Groups!