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Meet the Owner

Meet the Owner of Beanpop

My name is Karen and I am a mother of two awesome kiddos and wife to Joseph who is a technical lead for a large technology company. I am a SAHM and spend about 40 hours a week sewing!

I started Beanpop in April of 2012 when my daughter was having a hard time with leaking through her diapers at night. I discovered fleece and after that it was my mission to spread the fleece love to as many cloth diapering mamas as possible. After the birth of my son in November of 2013 I took a break from Beanpop and when I re-opened on March 13th, 2014 I started offering fitted cloth diapers as well as a variety of clothing, wipes, and other items!

My goal is to provide excellent customer service and well made products to my customers. I want to promote cloth diapering in my local community as well as across the country as a means to save families money and keep as many disposable diapers out of land fills as possible.

The WAHM world can be a crazy one and I don't like the feeling of "competition" when it comes to buying and selling cloth diapers. I want moms and dads to be able to use cloth for their children whether they buy a Beanpop or any other brand that's on the market right now!

If you have any questions for me feel free to e-mail me at