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The Beanpop Twins - Birth Story

Karen Parisot

Luna Persephone Miranda Parisot & Oliver Duane Parisot

December 9th, 2016 - A frigid day in Spokane, WA at 14 degrees and our first "real" snow of the year was estimated to arrive around 8am. I woke up at 5am to pee, per usual, with the same contractions I had been having for the last three weeks. They hurt, but then I also ended up having some diarrhea so I figured some of that pain was probably related to the non-baby filled parts of my lower body :P

I tried going back to sleep, but my 3 year old son had climbed into bed with me and wanted snuggles and a cup of milk and a "mommy show". I told him I could do snuggles, but he could wait on the rest because mommy was tired and needed some more sleep. That didn't happen, the contractions were fairly uncomfortable and my son was awake for the day and wiggly so instead I just enjoyed laying in bed with him and getting my last snuggles with my "baby" before his little brother and sister would arrive.

The kids were getting ready for school and I noticed that my contractions were starting to be more "regular" around 7:30am and that's when I started using my contraction timer app on my phone. They were averaging about 4 minutes apart, which was a change from the last week or so - but still not very painful compared to some that I had been having during my preterm labor stint at the hospital 3 weeks prior. I mentioned them to my friends in a group chat and they all said "GO TO THE HOSPITAL!" and I said fine, I'll call the OB office when they open at 8am and see what they want me to do.

I called them when they opened and they said sure come on into the office and we can do a quick check for you. I didn't have a ride because my husband was solo at work until 10am (he's in a tier 2 position and had some fires to put out since his manager was out for the day). I wasn't too worried about it anyway because I was sure this was going to be just another false alarm.

My good friend Tiffany was able to come and pick me up right around 8:45am. In the car on the way to the OB office is when my contractions changed from being mildly annoying and regular to "OH SHIT THESE HURT". I couldn't talk through them to even tell her which direction to turn. I should have taken this for a sign but...I didn't and was still pretty convinced that this was just yet another fire drill for kicks.

I got to the OB office around 9am and I had two painful contractions in the waiting room before my OB's nurse came to get me. They got me back to a room around 9:10am and I had one contraction while I waited for my OB to arrive (so we're at around 9:15am at this point). He checked me right away....7-8cm, 80% and bag of waters is bulging. GO TIME! I had a contraction right after this, and my OB had to tell Joe to get to the hospital ASAP on the phone because I couldn't get the words out. This was right at 9:21am.

After that contraction was over I remembered to tell my OB that Oliver (Baby B) had gone transverse on me the night before, and that meant we had to do a quick ultrasound to check positioning to determine if we wanted to think about doing a c-section instead of a vaginal delivery. I had a contraction on the ultrasound table and he even showed me that Oliver was officially breech, but down under my pelvis and the cord was wrapped around his neck. He was thinking he would feel more comfortable doing a c-section unless I was willing to take the risk and move forward with a vaginal delivery. I told him I definitely wanted to try, I had gotten this far already so why don't we go for it. He said alright, let me go get a wheelchair and let's get you over to the hospital so we can get an epidural in STAT.

He left the room, I stood up and the next contraction that hit me was what I *knew* had to be transition. I yelled "I CAN'T DO THIS!!!" And I heard a nurse from the hallway reply "Yes you can, you're doing great!"

The next thing I know is my instinct took me over, I was pulling my pants down and the overwhelming urge to push was there and there was NOTHING I could do to stop it. I think I was screaming. I'm 99% sure I was. I got my pants half down and squatted and pushed and Luna's bag of waters exploded all over the ultrasound room floor. For a split second after that I remember feeling a moment of relief that was then followed by an even more intense urge to push - and I couldn't stop.

At 9:33am I felt Luna come out in one push - I looked down between my legs and there was my baby girl, cord ripped off from the distance she fell, crying in a pool of blood and amniotic fluid on the floor of the ultrasound room of my OB's office.

Everything around me suddenly came back into focus and everyone was yelling and screaming and demanding this and that - My OB rushed right in and grabbed her and the nurses were running around trying to find blankets and a clamp and they grabbed her and literally RAN through the tunnel across the street to the hospital to get her up to the Special Care Nursery as quickly as possible.

My OB turned to me then, right before my next contraction, and he said "whatever you do, DON'T PUSH OLIVER OUT!! He's breech and the cord is around his neck!" I said "I'm so sorry I'm going to try but I couldn't help it with Luna!"

My next contraction hit me at 9:36am, I was laying on the ultrasound table while someone was trying to get a gurney for me so we could get to the hospital. I remember just screaming from the pain and then I felt it again - that intense and unstoppable need to push. I said "I'M SORRY I CAN'T STOP" and in one push Oliver was delivered butt first right into my OB's hands.

He was fine, the cord was fine, he was crying and we even had a couple of blankets to wrap him in at this point. My OB put him up on my chest for about 10 seconds while he cut the cord and then they whisked Oliver off to join his sister in the SCN at the hospital.

At this point, I think the entire office staff was either inside this tiny ultrasound room or standing around outside trying to see/hear what in the hell was going on. They couldn't get a gurney in time so they grabbed a hospital bed, clamped both cords that were hanging out of me, and with a team of what felt like about 30 people walking me down the hallway of the office I got out to the waiting room, onto a hospital bed and we booked it through the tunnel over to the hospital. All while I'm having MORE contractions because hey, now I have two placentas to deliver too!

Luckily, I was able to hold those in until they got me into the hospital labor/delivery room - but as soon as they got me on the bed in there I said screw it, I can't keep holding them in and both placentas came out at the same time. Instant relief. It was glorious.

After it was all said and done, I got repaired up and down everywhere (apparently fast deliveries of twins can do some major damage down there :P) and my babies were doing spectacularly in the SCN despite everything that had gone on.

Oliver & Luna posing with Dr. Hardy in the Ultrasound room they were born in
Dr. Hardy insisted we get a photo with the twins in the room they were born in! 

My OB came to see me again before he left for the day and gave me a huge hug and said he thinks he'll have to get some counseling for his entire staff for their PTSD! We both laughed and he thanked me for being awesome and apologized for yelling at me to not push and said this was one of the highlights of his career.

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