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2017 Production Changes

Karen Parisot production


Goodbye, 2016 and hello, 2017! So much has happened and changed in the last 12 months that has put what Beanpop is (and what I want Beanpop to be) truly in perspective. I fully believe that the challenges that we have faced throughout this year were essential in the growth of Beanpop. I want to continue to provide you with amazing products, but I am also resolving to find a balance with my work life and my home life. The arrival of the twins and my difficulties working these last few weeks have opened my eyes up to what I am realistically able to offer to you - my customers - on a regular basis, while still keeping Beanpop sustainable as a business. Childcare costs for my oldest son are also jumping 40% in January. In order to not have to raise prices on items that I currently make, there will be changes to what Beanpop offers in order to increase productivity and decrease wait time. I promise you from the bottom of my heart that these changes were well thought out behind the scenes with all of you in mind.

  • XL Diapers will now be offered in both events and preorders.
  • Training underwear will now be offered as an option in both events and preorders.
  • Ruffle Turned diapers will no longer be an option moving forward, including SYOF.
  • Wipes (all sizes) will only be available as RTS (ready to ship) 3-packs, both matching and random, in all sizes, and available twice a year as SYOF.
  • Blankets will be limited to 2 per event (any size) and 20 spots twice a year as SYOF
  • PUL wet bags of all sizes will no longer be offered moving forward - however Katie Jo makes them up to my personal standards and I highly recommend you contacting her to make them for you-
  • Treat, snack, sandwich, small, double zip small and tote bags will still be offered - BUT ONLY with a woven inner coordinate provided by the customer (SYOF) or purchased within the event along with the main.
  • Any fabric spots left unpurchased during the 2 week batch invoicing period will be forfeited. Any fabric unused in that event will be made into RTS (ready to ship) items at Beanpop’s discretion. No exceptions will be made.
  • Children’s clothing sizes will be offered as 2T, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8, and 10/12. Infant sizing will remain the same. Pants can still be ordered with a specific inseam.
  • Some changes in clothing options have been made in order to decrease production time. The following clothing items will be available in events and preorders:
    • Lap Tees for kids (preemie - 4)
    • Raglan Tees for kids (5 - 12) and adults
    • Racerback Tanks for kids and adults
    • Yoga Pants for kids and adults
    • Leggings for kids and adults
    • Lounge pants for adults
    • Underwear for kids (including training underwear) and adults
    • Circle Skirts for kids and adults
    • Circle Skirt Dresses for kids and adults
    • Flutterbye Dress for kids
    • 3-Tiered Skirt for kids

I know it is a lot to take in, and the admin team and I appreciate each and every one of you. We want to continue to bring you the high quality diapers and clothing you want, but with quicker turnaround! Please let us know if you have any questions by emailing us at!

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