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Karen Parisot


Two years ago, on March 13th, 2014, I reopened Beanpop after taking maternity leave for my son's birth. I could never have imagined the community that would form or the growth I would experience, both professionally and personally, in the last two years. I'm so thankful for all of my customers who have become my Beanpop family. 

I want to be able to sew beautiful, functional, and high quality diapering and clothing items for your families for years to come. In order to do that, I need to make temporary adjustments to production in order to give me some time to adjust to the major life change that is coming for my family. Twins?! FOUR KIDS! I never imagined it and it's still hard to believe!

The most practical step for me is to eliminate one step of production and streamline the production process for a specific amount of time, with a clear beginning and end, and resume full production at the end of that time. At this point, based on customer demand and man hours required to produce quality products, the temporary suspension will be diapers. Yes, you read that correctly. Diaper production will be temporarily suspended to allow me some version of a maternity leave, per se. I know, that seems contrary to the primary reason Beanpop began. It is. But remember, as we grow it's important to adapt to the challenges that come to us. 

Beanpop isn't going anywhere. I love Beanpop. I love sewing. I love you ALL. For now, that means finding ways to provide for my family, work my dream job, and maximize my time in the most efficient way. 

Thank you all for reading this update with the grace and understanding you've always shown in our community. Below is the plan for the timing of the changes. I will also update the stocking schedule for the rest of 2016 and post that in the marketplace and on as well. 


August 31 will be the cutoff for diaper invoicing. Diapers in mini groups will all be invoiced prior to September 1. This will affect fall and winter holiday groups and any pre-order fabrics that members want to run as groups. If the fabric cannot be at my house before August 1, it cannot be a diaper group. Diaper orders will guessed it...BEANPOP DAY 2017! In the meantime, we'll make this temporary change work and look forward to 2017 together.

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